This program was created in Max/MSP and is loosely based on the “kaoss pad” by Korg.

It consists of four separate sample players each of which has its own sequencer. Each player is used to  load a sample which is then divided into ‘x’ equal divisions. The sequencer is then used to determine which, if any, of these divisions is then played back-with the sequence always moving from left to right.

Screenshot of sample voice

The sequencers are then run through a number of user controlled effects which enables further manipulation of the audio. The effects available are: volume controls, cross fader, filters, bit crusher, delay, and two audio choppers, the first of which is user controlled while the second is algorithmic. All of the effects are controlled within the square control surface in the center of the program interface as seen below.

skaoss interface

The volume for each voice is controlled by four translucent sliders.  The crossfader requires the user to select which of the four voices to fade from and to and then a horizontal slider which controls the fade itself.

Volume controlCross Fader control

Both the delay and bit crusher effects give the user control of two parameters. For the delay effect the X-axis controls the delay time while the Y-axis controls feedback, and for the bit crusher the X-axis controls the sampling rate while the Y-axis controls the number of bits.

Delay control
Bit Crusher control

The first audio chopper effect records all of the audio from the sample voices into a circular buffer and the user then selects sections of this buffer to replay. The second one gives the user a number of parameters which are given individual probabilities and the program then uses this to determine the actions of the effect algorithmically.

Chopper control
Chopper2 control

Finally the filters are simple biquad filters, one for each voice, which are controlled by a simple graphical interface.

Filter control

Other features include the ability to record audio into one of the sequencers in addition to resampling the audio which is being played by the other sequencers.


Standalone for Mac OS only

skaoss1.3 Improved file loading, chopper effect, and multi-directional sample playing

skaoss1.4 New interface for filters, new delay effect, and improvement of file loading

skaoss1.5 Pattern sync feature, added more user information, hanning no longer alters pitch, improved resample system, Reverb-Compressor-Limiter added to output

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