number theory


Once upon I time I played in a band called number theory with a couple of very good friends. We wrote some tunes, played some gigs, drank a lot of tea, smoked too much, and even managed to get on radio and in a national newspaper.

“pulsating and promising electronica”
Jim Carroll – The Ticket.

“mightily impressive stuff”
Rob O Connor – Beat FM

“interesting and different”
Roddie Cleere – WLR FM

Molotov Ape (Bass, Programming, Images)
Amy Kunkle (Vocals, Synths, Video)
SJF (Guitar, Programming)

Slapfisk (video – Hershal)


molotov ape – Tabula Rasa (Number Theory mix)

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Photos by Chris McGurren (aka Hershal)

Images/Design by Five4 Design (aka Molotov Ape)